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Design patterns in test automation… To be or not to be?

Hi, everyone, How are you doing? Have you already created the best test automation framework in the world? 🙂 If you haven’t, I hope today’s post brings you closer to that wishful moment. And what I’m going to discourse today is… patterns. Patterns in test automation. Whenever I meet with other automation guys, I always…

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Do you need a mentor?

– All code I write is… bullshit? – Yes, it is. (conversation between 2 developers somewhere in the Middle-earth) The cruel truth is that the dialogue above is valid for most of the people involved in programming to some extent (developers, automation guys, DevOps, etc.). It sounds crazy because you like coding, you do our…

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8 tips for QA beginners

Nobody was born with an excellent and deep understanding of his or her future occupation. At least I don’t know such people. Everybody should learn and explore a lot before for achieving Grand-Master level: especially QA specialists. These 8 tips might help you to make your start more effective… 1. Don’t consider your future profession…

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