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Docker, Jenkins and TestContainers: an explosive bundle

Checking the latest trends in the Test Automation and DevOps area, I’ve asked several friends involved in this cuisine. Surprisingly, many of them are using the old-fashion way of running their Selenium tests. When I say “old-fashion”, I mean starting a hub manually, then taking care of needed drivers and starting nodes and so on….

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Android & BDD tests. Part 2 – Time for Cucumber

In the first post of the series I set the challenge up and I’ve been thinking all this time – what BDD framework is the best for my purposes? After analyzing the existing options on the market, I understood that there are 2 leaders: JBehave and Cucumber. Both of them have the same syntax for…

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Catching up with Allure. Part 4: integration with Jenkins

I’ve covered a lot of topics about Allure and I hope all previous articles helped you to understand and implement this framework in your project. By the way, it’s growing actively and its creators are adding new features very often. For example, they released the 2.3 version with cool features a couple of days ago….

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Catching up with Allure. Part 3: report customization

A good test report is a report that gives us a clear understanding of a current state of a product quality. For example, we can see how many tests were failed, the weakest components in a project, test coverage. That’s fine! A perfect report is a report that gives us much more – information about…

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Catching up with Allure. Part 2: report generating

Hi, everybody! How are things? Ready for the next stage of conquering Allure framework? Okay then, let’s proceed! In the first article, we’ve seen how we can configure Allure TestNG adapter through Maven and add it to the project. But still, we have no idea how we can build a report and what we can…

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Catching up with Allure. Part 1: framework integration

Several months ago I noticed that lots of my friends have no idea what Allure is and how it can be useful in their day-to-day work. I’m aimed at fixing this blooper, especially after the 2nd generation of this framework has been released recently. So, what is Allure? It’s a light-weight framework for generating reports…

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WebDriverManager fabric example for Selenium based frameworks

I guess most of the people who are involved in the automated testing of web applications to some extent, they came up to the managing of browsers and their drivers while working with Selenium-based test frameworks. There might be a lot of solutions how to make their life easier. Some out-of-the-box frameworks (like Selenide) have already…

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