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Android & BDD tests. Part 1 – Challenge definition

How’re you doing everyone? I hope you had happy funny holidays and rested enough! I posted many articles with lots of text during the last months and I thought – why wouldn’t I start this year with something different? Something fresh and new that I’ve never posted before. The idea that came into my mind…

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Catching up with Allure. Part 3: report customization

A good test report is a report that gives us a clear understanding of a current state of a product quality. For example, we can see how many tests were failed, the weakest components in a project, test coverage. That’s fine! A perfect report is a report that gives us much more – information about…

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Catching up with Allure. Part 2: report generating

Hi, everybody! How are things? Ready for the next stage of conquering Allure framework? Okay then, let’s proceed! In the first article, we’ve seen how we can configure Allure TestNG adapter through Maven and add it to the project. But still, we have no idea how we can build a report and what we can…

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NUnit Video Recorder has arrived!

Recently I have released the very first version of my NUnit video recorder pet project. What is this and how it can be useful for our test automation frameworks – I’m going to describe in this blog post. But before we start, let me explain what actually induced me to create this tool. I was…

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How to organize custom waitings in your C# tests

Every test automation specialist may encounter a situation when he needs to wait for something in his automated tests. For example, if he is testing a desktop application, he might need to wait for its GUI to be loaded completely. Or if he is designing automated tests for a web application, he might need to…

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Creating custom attributes with internal NUnit features

Today I’m going to talk about the NUnit test framework and its hidden features. Okay, maybe “hidden” is not the completely correct word for this case because nothing is hidden in the open-source world. However, the NUnit implementation has several internal features which may be useful for those who are going to use a little…

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