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The idea of reviewing different online learning sources came up to me long, long time ago. I’ve been exploring different websites (well-known and unbeknown ones) and trying different approaches. Some of them are better for newbies, the other ones are better for experienced people. Many men, many minds, you know…

So, I will be reviewing some of the e-learning resources since this post. But not just reviewing, I’ll be doing that from the test automation point of view and estimating a resource helpfulness for a typical QA Automation Engineer. I hope some of you find such posts useful and get the most out of those resources when needed. Let’s go!

 The first candidate is the codeasy.net website. This is a relatively new e-learning resource for those who is gonna conquer programming languages. They have released the C# course for beginners and have plans to develop the Python course if it’s in demand. There are 8 chapters with several lessons each for the above-mentioned C# course and more are yet to come:

The main feature (or peculiarity) of this website is that all lessons are made in a fun manner. As a learner, you are led through the interesting scenario where the programming basis are combined with life stories and pictures. All together, it makes a self-educational process more interesting and funny. Also, you don’t need to install anything else in order to write code – Codeasy provides the built-in interface for writing and running code as well as passing parameters to your programs and analyzing their output.

Let’s summarize:

PROS (+):

  • free of charge;
  • not boring;
  • no need to install an IDE;
  • lots of examples;
  • easy to learn.

CONS (−):

  • the only one programming language is available.

Totals: So far so good, I think. The resource may be definitely useful for those who are going to learn C# as their first programming language. This is a good place to start from, I guess. And if you need to move on to the more advanced topics, there are lots of specific websites to choose from.

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