Should automation testers dive into manual testing?

I’ve been quite busy for a few weeks, that’s why I wasn’t posting any articles. However, a blog with lots of code in posts will become boring eventually. That’s why I thought that some general talking about quality assurance may be useful. Do you think that automation guys should do manual testing activities? This is…

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NUnit 3.7 new features overview

Fresh baked NUnit 3.7 version has been released less than one month ago and it’s a good time to see what’s inside our favorite test framework that we can utilize in our tests. First of all, let’s emphasize the main changes and improvements from the around 70 bugfixes and new features that NUnit authors have…

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Brain Crash Test: TestNG framework (quiz)

Hi, everyone! This post is a little bit different than the previous ones that I’ve posted for the last 1-2 months. Last 2 weeks I was thinking about different ways of effective knowledge checking and making some investigations in this area. It’s probably not a secret for you that lots of existing online quizzes, tests…

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Learn programming in a fun way with Codeasy

The idea of reviewing different online learning sources came up to me long, long time ago. I’ve been exploring different websites (well-known and unbeknown ones) and trying different approaches. Some of them are better for newbies, the other ones are better for experienced people. Many men, many minds, you know… So, I will be reviewing…

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NUnit Video Recorder has arrived!

Recently I have released the very first version of my NUnit video recorder pet project. What is this and how it can be useful for our test automation frameworks – I’m going to describe in this blog post. But before we start, let me explain what actually induced me to create this tool. I was…

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