Blog summary of 2017

Hi Friends, We are close to Christmas and New 2018 Year, and this is the best time to look back to the outgoing year and recall some good moments we had together. When I say “together”, I mean that this blog wouldn’t become what it is now without you, without your support and interest. And…

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Brain Crash Test: NUnit framework (quiz)

What’s up friends? I was quite silent last month and didn’t write any posts to the blog. But that doesn’t mean I forgot about it! I was thinking what to start from this time, and the topic was pretty obvious – I have to create another quiz. If you remember the TestNG quiz, that post…

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Pluralsight and Linux Academy: what’s in common?

If you remember, I’ve reviewed one educational online resource – Codeasy. If you haven’t tried it yet, I’d recommend you. Today’s article will extend these review series with 2 well-known and powerful online educational platforms – Pluralsight and Linux Academy. As usual, I’ll be talking about their pros and cons and how they may be…

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Do you need a mentor?

– All code I write is… bullshit? – Yes, it is. (conversation between 2 developers somewhere in the Middle-earth) The cruel truth is that the dialogue above is valid for most of the people involved in programming to some extent (developers, automation guys, DevOps, etc.). It sounds crazy because you like coding, you do our…

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