Blog summary of 2017

Hi Friends,

We are close to Christmas and New 2018 Year, and this is the best time to look back to the outgoing year and recall some good moments we had together. When I say “together”, I mean that this blog wouldn’t become what it is now without you, without your support and interest. And I’d like to say many thanks to you, my faithful readers! I’ll try not to disappoint you in the next year as well.

A couple of words about the history…

Despite my website was launched more than 1 year ago, I started developing it actively in April 2017. I didn’t have any plans what to write and how to write at that time and I was just sharing my findings and experience in different areas (remember 8 tips for QA beginners or Creating custom attributes with internal NUnit features posts?). Then I thought that some series of articles would be also useful, and I created the Allure tutorial series. Actually, such kind of posts got acknowledgment from readers and I’m going to continue this experiment in 2018 for different topics.


Step by step, I have already posted 24 articles to this blog which is almost 3 articles per month. The most popular articles so far are:

I’m also happy to see that this blog becomes popular all over the world. Currently, I have around 1500 visitors every month – not so many but this number is growing up (despite I didn’t even try to promote the blog somehow). 65% of visitors come from Google search results, i.e. people are interested in those topics that I write about. Here is some geographical statistic where test automation lovers and my readers are from:

  1. United States
  2. India
  3. Ukraine
  4. Russia
  5. United Kingdom
  6. Canada
  7. Germany
  8. Poland
  9. Netherlands
  10. Australia

I hope to extend the coverage to more countries in 2018.

Other highlights

This year was challenging but interesting for this blog and for me. I met good people, created the NUnit Video Recorder project and learned more interesting things. I didn’t post many articles that I planned but for a good reason. I’m going to catch up with that in the upcoming year. As well as with many more cool posts about test automation and related areas. So, stay tuned!

Now I wish a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

See you in the next 2018 year…

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