Hi, my name is Viktoriano. I am a test automation enthusiast.

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About me

Let’s get acquainted a little bit!

I’ve been working as a QA Automation engineer for a long time in different projects: desktop, web and mobile (Android). I am interested in such areas as building test frameworks, contributing to open-source projects, applying cutting edge technologies in practice, knowledge sharing and many other things.

Some tools and technologies (but not all) that I used to work or I’m currently working with:

Coding Skills




Continuous integration



Team Foundation Server

Unit Test Frameworks




Other interesting stuff

Maven, Ant, Gradle

Robotium, Espresso, MonkeyRunner


Interesting facts about me

I always listen to music while coding

I haven’t watched “Game of thrones”. Really!

I do beleive that test automation will save the world…

Need help?

Everyone of us has faced different issued while working with test automation. Whether it’s doubting between what tools are the best to apply, or questions where to start doing automation in a project from, or suspicion that something is wrong with the current automation framework, or something else…

Sounds familiar?

It’s not a disaster if there is someone in your team who can assist. However, it may be a tough case when there are no experienced people who can give you a piece of advice.

That’s why overtest.me is here and ready to help!

I can assist you and help with many things (test automation for the web, desktop, and mobile applications, continuous integration & delivery systems, building frameworks, etc.).  Please describe your case in the form below, send to me and I will get back to you as soon as possible (usually within 24-48 hours or faster):

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